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Customers are Social – Connect Them

Customers are Social – Connect Them

In today’s follow up we explore the last of the 5 Commandments of Customer Success  by focusing on “Customer Communities,”

Connect your customers with others. We all want to be part of something, a group of people that shares a mutual interest. A place to share common experiences, successes, and even challenges. Years ago, I recall moving to a new city with my wife. We didn’t know anyone in this town, but we both enjoyed photography. We went onto “Meetup.com” – a  website connecting like-minded people around the country on any topic you can imagine. We found two local photography clubs and started attending outings to take photos. I look back at how much knowledge I gained through those interactions with other people. I was learning from others, and as I talked about my photography experience, others were learning from me as well.

It’s no difference in the business world, and a quick search shows there are groups for just about everything.

•    Meetup.com has almost 300k groups

•    Linkedin currently lists over 1.6 million different groups

•    Yahoo Groups had over 9 million groups at one time[ I don’t think it is needed but if that helps SEO and for Blog traffic purposes, sure feel free to add them.




Introducing our contacts to others with a similar situation, project, business challenges, or success story is a great way to strengthen the relationships we have with our customers. It helps them attain extra value that they wouldn’t have otherwise. They get to learn from others’ missteps without having to go through them, and they can hear about how someone reached success in an area where they are currently having trouble. Of course, we should always remain professional and ensure both parties are comfortable before the introduction is made.

Think back to the last professional conference you attended. You sat through sessions, and they were useful and informative, but wasn’t networking the part that excited you the most? Wasn’t it meeting with that person in your role at another company over coffee where you gained great insight? These valuable interactions don’t have to wait until the next conference. As CSMs, it’s our job to help customers build their network in ways that will improve their outcomes each and every day.

I hope you enjoyed the 5 Commandments of Customer Success. If this topic is of interest to you, feel free to share it with others or leave a comment below.

Wishing you much success,  If you are enjoying these, check out the “Art of Customer Success” Blog.

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